Friday, March 2, 2012

Clear Skin with Rice Water

Every single day you get to hear skin care tips from different people. Generally, the preference is given to those skin care tips which contain natural products. It is also a fact that because of different skin types some skin care tips might not suit your skin. Hence here is one of the most easy skin care tip to practice. Rice water has been considered very effective product for skin care.

Rice water tightens your skin and cleanses it without including any harsh chemicals in it which might not suit your skin type. Preferably this skin care tip with rice water in it works best for mildly oily skin, normal, or combination skin. It is also believed that rice water makes your skin fairer and smoother.

Any skin care tip you practice whether it is skin care with rice water or any other natural product, be sure about one thing that anything is effective only if it is practiced regularly. Do not expect any product to do wonders with your skin after using it once or twice. Skin care tips demand your time. Similarly skin care with rice water is also effective only if you practice it regularly.
The procedure of skin care with rice water is as it follows: take the rice in a bowl, wash the uncooked rice with any clean water in order to clean them before stepping towards your skin care with rice water. You might want to repeat the process before using it for your skin care with rice water but another important thing to note is we are advised to wash rice sparingly because in this way we waste its nutrients.

Wash it once just to get rid of the dirt not the nutrients. Use them for your skin care with rice water. Now pour water in the rice and drain it into the bowl, wash your face with the rice water for 5 - 6 times. Afterwards wash your face with the running cold water and pat your face dry with a clean towel. Enjoy fresher, tighter and smoother skin.

Style Eye Makeup

There is nothing that matches the classic yet pretty look of the 60’s. With the coming winter season, everyone is trying on with different styles either with their attire or their personal looks and there’s nothing better than a good and nicely done 60’s make over. The main thing about the 60’s look is the 60’s style eye makeup which makes you look like a complete stunner if you have done it the perfect way. The 60’s style eye makeup is definitely the trend of the season and here is the easiest way for you to try 60’s style eye makeup and look gorgeous this winter season.
Start your 60’s style makeover by cleaning your face and washing it with a good quality face wash. Pat it dry. Once you are done with the cleaning part, make you’re your eye area, where the makeup is supposed to be applied is clean and dry. For the 60’s style eye makeup, get a grab on the darkest shades of black for your eye liner or eye pencil. It is totally perfect to use any one of these products. The eye liner can be in gel form too. Starting with the 60’s style eye makeup, choose a light colored eye shadow because using a dark eye shadow is not the thing for 60’s style eye makeup.

Moving on to the eye lash line, pick your favorite dark colored eye pencil or eye liner and start applying it along your lash line. Keep your hand steady and firm. If you cannot keep it steady, use a gel eye liner instead of a liquid one. Now repeat this application once more so that you can enhance the shape of your eye by giving it a complete 60’s style eye makeup. Moving towards the end of the lash line, make the eye liner or pencil thicker. This is where you actually give your eyes the 60’s style eye makeup. If you want to make this look of 60’s style eye makeup more glamorous, apply false eye lashes.
As for the mascara, use the color black. Apply it on your eye lashes. After you are done with the mascara, you can balance out the whole look if you see any problem according to your style. A lash curler at this stage will also do the trick. Curl you lash, but keep in mind, do NOT smudge your eye liner. You can also do retouching on the eye liner edges if you think it is not enough. Make sure the edges of your lash line are going smoothly with your 60’s style eye makeup because we do not want it to be too artificial.
When it comes to 60’s style eye makeup, it is important that you work on the rest of your makeup too. This does not mean that you should over do the rest of the makeup. Remember to keep everything else very simple. For example use a good quality pinkish lipstick that also compliments your skin tone. Use a very light toned blush on and do not over do on this part.
Follow the above mentioned simple tips, and add glamour to your winter season by looking classic yet sexy by trying the 60’s style eye makeup.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Beauty Tips for Women over 60


 As you get older, only then can you perceive your real beauty. Women, during the time they get older and age – they crave to look beautiful as everything needs a special attention. Beauty tips for women over 60 encompasses taking care of your hairstyle, erasing off the ageing marks and wrinkles and use makeup accordingly such that the appearance doesn’t look fake.

You dressing sense, boasting of a beautiful skin, taking proper care to boast a beautiful body and having a brilliant styling sense – nothing should stop even if you have hit the 60s. The most important factor is that one should follow a very balanced and proper diet – although they necessarily mean that there will be a marked difference between the exercise habits for a 20-year-old and that of a 60-year-old .

Top Beauty Tips for Women over 60  

  1. Use a cream lipstick rather than a matte or gloss
  2. Use a neutral lip liner as that will add plumpness to it
  3. A lip liner can be used to define the lips
  4. The lip liner color should be very close to the natural shade of your lips
  5. You can always carry the different lipstick shades (all in daring colors) to fit different occasions, outfits, and moods.
  6. Do not use heavy makeup
  7. Do not use too much of powder as it will only make your skin more dry and give a matte look.
  8. Use moisturizing soaps and lotions to hydrate your skin.
  9. Your diet should be proper and balanced
  10. Drinking plenty of water will help you to hydrate the skin
  11. SPF 15 or higher products should be used with both UVB and UVA protection. 

 Simple Tips of Beauty for Women over 60

  • Believe in the fact that you are beautiful and it is always advisable to look beautiful from inside
  • Know your own personality and dress up and sport your identity accordingly
  • Match your attire with the perfect pair of shoes.
  • Use colors – be it in case of makeup, dresses and accessories
  • Laugh and you will find a natural glow on your face.
  • There is no need to always be judgmental, just try out experimenting things 

Beauty Tips for Guys

If you are a smart chap of this generation then you might need some effective beauty tips for guys. It was not much before when men were not very beauty conscious. However the scenario has been changed completely. Today’s young chaps are very much beauty and style conscious and always want to look smart and elegant. To satisfy their demands a number of brands have recently introduced a number of beauty products exclusively for men. You can have them at your local stores. However guys can go for some routine home care for their skin and overall health. Let’s peep into it  

Skin Care Tips for Guys

A regular skincare regime should be followed by every man. If you are blessed with a healthy skin, then also you need some routine care to keep it as it is. After returning home wash your face, hands and legs with an herbal body shampoo. Never use any harsh soap. Right after washing them, apply an herbal moisturizing lotion on your skin. Massage with a gentle hand for some times. Again before going to the bed apply moisturizer or a night cream. Do it on a regular basis. You skin will be fine and healthy. You should also go for a manicure and pedicure treatment once a month.

Hair Care Tips for Guys

Shining and glowing hair adds an extra charm to your look. To make it healthy and problem free, a proper care is necessary. Shampoo your hair with an herbal shampoo at least three days a week. After washing your hair with a shampoo, apply a good conditioner on it. Always buy shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. Oil massaging three days a month is also very important for your hair. Some essential hair care and style tips for guys are as follows:

  • Never use any cheap brand. Always go for the reputed brand even if they are costlier.
  • Before coloring the hair consult a hair expert. He can always suggest the right thing for you. Use reputed branded color.
  • Take the suggestion from your beauty expert before going for a new style. You must know that not every style looks good to everybody.

Essential Beauty Tips for Guys

  • A little bit change in lifestyle is essential to have a healthy and glowing skin. Drink lots of water and fruit juices. Salads and soups should also be included in your dietary chart.
  • Always use sunscreen lotion or a sun block cream before going out.
  • A little bit exercise or yoga help you stay fit and fine and who does not know a man can’t look good without a good physic.

Beauty Tips for Women over 40

  Beautiful woman crossing 40 years of age? Can you think of such an option? Have you thought over the fact that we need to take special care of ourselves to look beautiful as we cross the 40 barrier? There are specified beauty tips for women over 40 as the makeup and hairstyle – everything needs a special update and attention. This is the apt time for you to think of going for a look makeover. It is not mandatory that once you cross the 40 age bar, you need to have a plain and simple makeup. On the other hand, you need to take care of the special aging beauty tips. There are no extremes that you have to consider. It all depends on the individual skin type, hair texture and body structure. Accordingly you have to boil down to makeup and hair styles that suit you the best. With ageing, as the skin gets a pale look, the facial features needs to be more properly defined. 




Beauty Advice for women over 40

  • Remember not to put up a fake look on the face by applying the enormous range of beauty products in the market.
  • Always keep your skin hydrated because as we grow with age, the skin dries up further. So, drinking plenty of water is very important.
  • Let your skin remain moist and sport wet lips – it will give you an youthful look.
  • Use a moisturizer after understanding your skin type.
  • If you have a dry skin, avoid using too much of makeup.
  • Do not use too much of powder as your skin might look drier and matte.
  • If you have an even tone to your skin, use a heavy foundation.
  • Use makeup brushes as they will help you apply the makeup in a much easier manner.
  • Consult a beauty professional.
  • Go for a makeover that best suits you – the one which you desired of for a long time.
  • It is desirable not to keep long hair for those who are above 40.
  • If you are going in for a change in the hair color, accordingly change your makeup.
  • Get a well shaped eyebrow and keep in mind that waxing might pull off the skin sometimes and inflict pain.
  • Use an eye pencil to define your eyes in a more proper manner.
  • If you are using a foundation which is a bit heavy, mix it with a little liquid moisturizer.
  • Blush on should be applied on the apples of your cheeks.
  • Do not use a powder blush, as a cream blush is more effective.
  • The eyelashes should be curled .
  • Use eyeliner to define your eyes more properly .
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